When Books Become Reality

We all want our favorite books and imaginations to be our reality, right? I know I do. But what happens when they truly do become real? What do you do?

You marry them. That’s right.

At least, that’s what I did. My husband is all the characteristics of my favorite male characters wrapped up into one – and how did I meet him? In the same exact way that I read about in a book.

How many of you have read Dear John (Or seen the movie, either one)? If you haven’t read it, I’m about to give you a real-life synopsis of it:

Man is in military. He goes on leave to visit family in home state. Family decides to go on beach trip. Woman is in college. She goes home for summer break to her home state. Family also decides to go on beach trip. On the same day, to the same beach. Man and Woman meet on beach, play volleyball for hours, take a walk, do really cute movie-type stuff on the boardwalk. End of night comes, Man kisses Woman, they live happily ever after.

The coincidences and similarities in mine and my husband’s lives before we met are uncanny, but every moment after has been a fairy tale. Now no one wants to hear all the mushy-gushy stuff about how much I love him (a lot) or the cute things he does for me (very cute), so I have a different message: go make your own fairy tale. Mine fell into my lap and I made the best of it, and so I got lucky. I realize that not everyone can be as lucky as me, so I’m telling you, go make your luck. And if you don’t seem to be having any luck with that, then write it.

What’s that saying? “If you don’t see the book you want on the shelf, write it.”


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