I Love It, I Love It Not

The trials (and errors) of writing a thesis!

Writing is hard. It is not for the fainthearted or weak, that’s for sure.

Trying to write 30 pages of analysis on someone else’s writing? Even harder.

Yet, here I am! Halfway in and kicking myself in the shins trying to get out the other half. Even though my topic is on a novel I love, it can drive me crazy.

My thesis in one sentence: How Emily Brontë was able to create dynamic and interesting characters through the use of the psychosomatic. In other words, she psychoanalyzed humanity, and then wrote a novel about her observations – and thus came Wuthering Heights.

Many people of the time loved and hated the book – they loved to hate it and hated that they loved it. I don’t blame them. Some of the things the characters do are repulsive and abhorrent beyond all measure. Yet I found myself coming back to it again and again, which is why I chose to write my thesis on it. That’s the thing – even though the novel is batsh*t crazy, it draws you in. It’s the campfire story you are scared to hear for fear of nightmares, but can’t help listening to anyway. In a word, it’s seductive. It’s so wrong and so right and you can’t stop yourself from reading more and more – it’s that good.

Here is where my wall hits: how could I ever do a novel that good any justice? I go back and forth between loving my thesis and hating every damn word. But, I’m guessing that’s what writing is as a whole – love and hate wrapped up all in one pretty little ribbon.


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